Wed 11 Mar 15: our guide on the Kin’s Canyon walk. Another early start for a 5k hike with some … More

Tue 10 Mar 15: Uluru at sunset and the second UNESCO site of the trip

Mon 9 Mar 15: the refreshing part of our flight from Perth to Alice Springs.

Sun 8 Mar 15: the jail at Fremantle a UNESCO world heritage site. Amazingly it was only closed in the … More

Sat 7 Mar 15: Fremantle has an excellent indoor market which just demonstrates what a ‘lad of plenty’ Australia is. There … More

Fri 6 Mar 15: Rottness Island close to Perth. A splendid sort of eco-island where you can rent a bike, … More

Thu 5 Mar 15: Juni and Charles at King’s Park with Perth in the background. King’s Park is surely the … More

Tue 3 Mar 15: the river in Singapore at night. When I visited Singapore in the 70s and 80s, which … More

Mon 2 Mar 14: Chinese good luck charms in China Town in Singapore. There was a a time in the … More

Sun 1 Mar 15: this is when you really feel like your in another world. A first can of excellent … More