@addenbrookes was empty today @cuh_nhs

Sat 13 Feb 21: I’m a regular visitor to Addenbrookes to get my heart checked out because I’ve got a sticky valve. That means an ECG and then a cosy chat with a consultant. This year my appo has been a little delayed, then it was postponed and finally happened on a Saturday. Unsurprising given Covid of course. Diego from Portugal (#yourewelcomehere) gave me the ECG and then told me that it would be sent to the consultant who’d check it before writing his report. So no cosy chat, another Covid innovation.

The overall impact of Covid on the hospital was apparent. OK it was a Saturday but parking wsa easy, there was nobody, I mean nobody, in outpatients and the queueing system at Costa was empty. Just one other person in the cardiac clinic waiting area and a receptionist operating with cool and friendly efficiency.

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