Sun 14 Dec 15: it was a car free Sunday in Surabaya. Actually it’s only car free from 6 to … More

Sat 12 Dec 15: we were in Indonesia for the wedding of Joanawita and Robert who had to go through … More

Fri 11 Dec 15: a line of casual clothing in Indonesia on sale at a stall in the Tanjung Mall

Thu 10 Dec 15: the Heros’ Monument in Surabaya: Bung Karno with Pak Hatta

Wed 9 Dec 15: Mount Bromo and its partner volcanos emerging from the dawn

Tue 8 Dec 15: birds for sale at the Pasar Burung in Malang. Not the best example of animal husbandry … More

Mon 7 Dec 15: a little wildlife action at Pulau Sempu. It was quite a trek to get there but … More

Sun 6 Dec 15: our waiter at Toko Oen, a Malang restaurant/institution. 

Sat 5 Dec 15: train crew being briefed at Yogyakarta station

Fri 4 Dec 15: a couple of fine cars outside the Phoenix Hotel in Yogyakarta